IAPD Foundational Articles and Consensus Recommendations

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IAPD - International Association of Paediatric Dentistry

IAPD Foundational Articles and Consensus Recommendations

During this time where many of us are confined to our homes, the IAPD promised to be there for you. We would like to bring you a new, exciting IAPD resource for evidence-based dental care for children.

Lo and behold: the IAPD Foundational Articles and Consensus Recommendations developed by the IAPD Science Committee!

These documents are intended to be an up-to-date resource and guidance for the current understanding of paediatric dental practices. The information in these articles is intended to facilitate excellence of care for children globally.

We start this journey with our members by publicizing the first resource: Caries Risk Management and Care Pathways.

On April 15, we will have a webinar on this topic with Prof Tinanoff
(science committee chair) where you can pose questions and experience the presentation live! More information will follow soon.

In the meantime, we wish you great reading pleasure!


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