Time: 2024 / 4 / 27 ~ 28 (Sat ~ Sun)
Location: COEX Conference Room 4th floor, Room 307
Time Room 401 Room 307 Room 402
Room 403
12:00 Registration Dental
13:00 Oral Presentation I Oral Presentation II
15:00 Poster Presentation(Room 403)
15:30 MOU Signing Ceremony
〈Special Lecture I〉

● The Challenges and Future of Pediatric Dentistry
(Dr. Hsuan-lu Alicia Ko)
〈Symposium I : Rare Disease in Dentistry〉

● National Policy and Support Projects for Rare Diseases in South Korea
(Dr. Jiwon M. Lee)

● Cohort Establishment and Clinical Guideline Development for Uncommon Developmental Dental Disease
(Dr. Ko Eun Lee)

● Development of Dental Clinical Practice Guidelines for Patients with Rare Pediatric Diseases Accompanied by Dental Complications
(Dr. Chung-Min Kang)
〈Special Lecture II〉

● Response and Policy Proposal for Pediatric Essential Healthcare Crisis in Korea
(Dr. Han-Suk Kim)
〈New Scholar Award in KAPD〉
18:00 〈Awards Ceremony & Regular General Meeting〉
Time Room 401 Room 307 Room 402
Room 403
〈Symposium II : Treatment of Class III Malocclusion〉

● Orthodontic Treatment of Class III Malocclusion in Children Using Clear Aligners
(Dr. Sang Jin Moon)

● Class III treatment Scenario
(Dr. Kitae Park)

● Class III Malocclusion in Growing Patients: Early Orthodontic Treatment Strategies and Limitations from the Perspective of a Pedodontist
(Dr. Norihito Ishitani)
〈Symposium III : Sedation & Dental Emergency Care〉

● New Sedatives for Pediatric Procedural Sedation: Can this be a Game Changer?
(Dr. Teo Jeon Shin)

● What is Urgencies or Emergencies in Pediatric Dentistry?
(Dr. Jongbin Kim)

● Monitoring and Management of Pediatric Emergency Patients Before, During, and After Sedation
(Dr. Kap Su Hans)
12:00 Lunch
〈Clinical Topic I : Clinical Orthodontics〉

● Use of Various SAS (Skeletal Anchorage System) for Orthodontic Treatment in Children and Adolescents (Biocreative Orthodontics)
(Dr. Sangwook Park)

● Orthodontic Treatment for Children and Adolescents Using Damon System
(Dr. Kyung Mun Hwang)
〈Clinical Topic II : Clinical Operative Dentistry〉

● Revisiting SS Crowns from Contemporary Perspectives in Pediatric Dentistry
(Dr. Hong-Keun Hyun)

● Ceramic Indirect Restorative Strategies for Adolescent Patients
(Dr. Sung Ae Son)
14:50 Coffee Break
〈Clinical Topic III : Clear Orthodontics〉

● The Unique and Novel Characteristics of Direct Printed Aligner and Clinical Implications
(Dr. Soo-Jin Kim)

● Phase 1 & Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment Using SERAFIN Clear Aligner System
(Dr. Won Gun Chang)
〈Symposium IV : Primary Care Programs for Children〉

● Introduction to the Pilot Project for Children’s Dentists
(Direcrtor. Ju Yeon Oh)

● Registered Dentists for School Children
(Dr. Jae-In Ryu)
17:00 Closing Ceremony
Presentation information
* Oral presentation (Presentation 8 min/ Q&A 2 min)
① PPT size : 4:3
② Powerpoint presentation slide note(presenter mode) is prohibitied to use)
③ Personal laptop prohibited
④ Submit the presentation PPT to the office (info@kapd.org) by April 19, 2024(Fri)

* Poster presentation (Presentation 3 min/ Q&A 2min)
① Poster size : H 1000 × W 800
② Poster attachment : 4/27, 2024(Sat) am 11:00 ~ 13:00
③ Presenters should wait by their own posters from 15:00
④ Posters detachment : 4/28, 2024(Sun) pm 5:00 (It will be discarded by the office if not detached at an appropriate time)