General Status of Pediatric Dentistry in Korea

Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (KAPD) was established at the inaugural meeting of the College of Dentistry at Seoul National University in 1959 by dentists majoring in pediatric dentistry who approved the purpose of promoting the development of pediatric dentistry and mutual relationships between members. Professor Cha, Moon-Ho of College of Dentistry at Seoul National University now deceased was elected as the first president. By growing into an academy with 47 years of history, the KAPD is currently being acknowledged as a large academy in pediatric dentistry with deepest history in the Orient with more than 1,000 members. Local expansion began in 1967 with establishment of Busan chapter. Active academic activities are being conducted in each region with establishment of 4 local chapters in Busan & South Gyeongsang Province, Gwangju & South Jeolla Province, Daegu & North Gyeongsang Province and Gangwon Province.

The Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry held a total of 49 general meetings and conferences until 2008 and has been holding conference twice every year since 1988. Improvement in quality of research and level of treatments of members is being promoted through such conferences.

In 1996, the first accredited pediatric dentist was produced by the accredited dentist system operated by the KAPD. Also, since a few years ago, doctors with expertise in pediatric dentistry are performing pedodontics treatment at hospitals in local communities. Accredited pediatric dentists are not only providing a more professional dental care for children but also contributing to local communities with a sense of duty for local medical services.

The Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry successfully held the 3rd Pediatric Dentistry Association of Asia (PDAA) in 2002 with participation of 700 domestic and international pediatric dentists and is in plan to hold the International Association of Pediatric Dentistry (IAPD) in Seoul in 2013, gradually increasing its international recognition.

The publication of quarterly journals, now issuing Vol.35, No.3, and registration as a journal recognized by Korean Research Foundation allowed external acknowledgement of research power of members of the academy. The academy is regularly revising and publishing textbooks to improve the quality of research and treatment by members, and clinical guidelines on sedation therapy or prevention of dental caries are also being provided. In addition, the KAPD website ( is successfully being operated for information exchange and management of member of the academy. Recently the electronic network for credit card payment of annual membership and registration is established on the website to promote convenience for members.